Port Management Training Programs
1. Supervisory Course in Port Operations
2. Terminal Operations and Management Course (PDP)
3. Ro-Ro Management
4. Warehousing Management
6. Trainers’ Training Course
6. Building Quality Customer Relations Course
7. 7 Gems of Personal Effectiveness and Work Productivity
8. Supervisory Development Course

Port Operations Training Programs
1. Safety, Health, and Environment in Ports
2. Container Operations Course
3. Integrated Port Operations Course
4. Cargo Checking Course
5. Dangerous Cargo Handling Course
6. Porters Course
7. Forklift Operations Course
8. Crane Operations Course
9. Cargo Rigging and Slinging Course
10. First Aid Course

Courses in Specialized Subjects :
1. Financial Management
2. Port and Shipping Administration
3. Human Resource Management
4. Computer and Programming
5. Research and Statistics
6. Port Security
7. Management Systems (ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, IMS)

 Maritime Security Course (MarSec):
1.  Port Facility Security Officers (PFSO) Course
2. Maritime Security Training for Port Facility Personnel with Designated Security Duties
3. Maritime Security Training for Port Facility Personnel without Designated Security Duties

Organic Training
1. Orientation for Newly Hired Personnel
2. Pre-Retirement Orientation
3. Values Enhancement Course (VEC -101)


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